At Tastybake we want to live in a world where imagination is bought to life every single day. So we wake up every morning to manifest this vision by creating novel and unique food products, such as custom-designed baked goods, freeze dried candy, freeze dried chocolate, and freeze dried ice cream. Our quest is to create a world that is full of joy, one sugary smile at a time.

Our edible products are produced with exquisite care and passion. We use only the highest quality ingredients available that ensure our products are packed with heavenly flavours that you are sure to remember.

Only Quality Products

✓ A growing range of exquisite products.
✓ Produced with love and attention to detail.
✓ Unique and custom designs.
✓ Made to satisfy.
✓ Quality guaranteed.

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Just Better

✓ Products designed for serious bakers.
✓ Visionary creations that are worth every cent.
✓ Creations that will generate attention.
✓ Products that reflect popular culture and niche interests.
✓ Loyalty rewards.

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Sweet treats the whole family will love.

  • Freeze Dried Products

    Don't pass up the chance to try these uniquely memorable treats. They're everything you have never known, they're full of crunch, and they're crispy to the last. You'll be sure to find something the whole family will enjoy and remember.

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  • Cookies & Cupcakes

    The best gifts are those that fill your tummy and treat your taste buds. You can select from our range of standard options or customise your order on the product page making this a simple and expedient way to purchase our baked goods.

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